Retail Banking

Analyze over-the-counter (OTC) activity, optimize branch layouts, and drive optimum staff scheduling.

Improve customer satisfaction, increase conversion rates and drive performance across all branches.


Measure and analyze foot traffic across your locations in real-time.

Combine traffic data with metrics such as repeat visits and visit duration to determine optimal scheduling, location layout, and operating hours.

Photo: Traffic


Monitor and display real-time occupancy levels across your locations, in real-time. Ensure compliance with social distancing and occupancy regulations.

Leverage the included API to display the current occupancy on your website, mobile app, or digital signage.

Photo: Building Queue

Labor optimization

Accurately predict customer demand to ensure the right bankers are at the right branches at the right time. Reduce labor costs and maximize conversion, while ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Photo: Bank Teller

Space utilization

Use real-time data to understand how customers are navigating within your bank location. Identify points of friction in waiting areas, bank teller stations, and ATMs to minimize abandonment and optimize the customer journey.

Photo: Building Interior

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