Protect your assets, ensure employee safety and comply with health and safety regulations.

Drive guest experience through marketing, labor allocation, and smart digital signage.

Security and monitoring

Ensure the safety of employees and visitors with complete video coverage of all your locations, and easy, instant access to snapshots and video on your desktop and mobile devices.

Fast, remote investigations through the cloud let you do more with the same headcount, while reducing or eliminating travel costs and bringing investigation time from days down to hours.

Our asset protection system is built to integrate with your existing infrastructure – even analog cameras! Keep your existing camera investment and upgrade at your convenience.

Photo: Restaurant Security


Monitor and display real-time occupancy levels across your locations, in real-time. Ensure compliance with social distancing and occupancy regulations.

Leverage the included API to display the current occupancy on your website, mobile app, or digital signage.

Photo: Restaurant Queue


Improve restaurant performance with accurate foot traffic data. Optimize conversion, staff productivity, and more with real-time integration of foot traffic, point-of-sale, and staffing data.

Photo: Restaurant Diners

Labor optimization

Analyze and optimize your kitchen staff, wait staff, and host schedules to reduce labor costs, while maximizing conversion and ensuring the perfect dining experience.

Photo: Restaurant Labor

Guest experience

Improve marketing effectiveness and provide a personalized dining experience by analyzing customer trends.

Use a data-driven approach to promotions and specials, and measure the effectiveness of menu displays and other signage.

Photo: Restaurant Display

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